A Smarter Approach to New Hospital Funding


Welcome to Portfolio Assurance Group. New hospital funding through innovative thinking about existing assets and processes.

Is your hospital interested in receiving the maximum value for charge-off accounts no longer on the balance sheet? Once you’ve written off patient bad debt, does your facility ignore these accounts or allow them to languish at a collection agency? Are you serious about getting the substantial residual value available? With our innovative Medical Accounts Receivable Cashflow (MA/RC) program, we help you recover the residual value of already written off patient bad debt accounts. Charge-off accounts are turned into new cash revenue through a safe, HIPAA compliant process that can yield $100,000+ for a small hospital to several million dollars for a larger facility. All from accounts written off long ago.

Portfolio Assurance Group’s preferred buyer network is the best in the industry. These buyers specialize in medical debt purchases and collections, having purchased over $3.5 billion of hospital charge off debt in the last 12 months. They understand the importance of patient sensitive collections and any litigation is contractually limited to only a tiny percentage of the accounts (and never in the name of the hospital). On the contrary, they help the patient find ways to satisfy their debt and remove a negative entry on their credit report. And because they are our partners, you can be assured that your patients will be treated with the utmost respect. We know – and they know – that patient satisfaction is the criteria of success both now and in the future.

With Portfolio Assurance Group, you get an executive team that has over 78 years of combined healthcare experience. We provide intelligent guidance each step of the way with the experience necessary to get your hospital the very best amount for your charge-off patient bad debts.

PAG’s process provides a substantial return in a safe, secure, HIPAA compliant structure handled by experienced healthcare professionals. A large lump sum that doesn’t cost you a penny.

Portfolio Assurance Group offers  medical facilities a unique proposition: receive substantial funds from non assets long since ignored. PAG’s process is secured by an industry exclusive set of conditions that not only generates exceptional income but also protects your interests as well as that of your patients. Portfolio Assurance Group: unique, smart, better.