Portfolio Assurance Group operates by a different standard. Our approach to “dead account” sales is unique: how can we benefit the medical facility wishing to sell the patient charge-offs and the patients who owe the debt.

Benefits to the patient:

  • Patient has opportunity to discharge the debt for a small fraction of the amount owed.
  • Soft collection techniques are mandated in most cases. Litigation to collect a debt strictly limited to a small percentage of accounts and this percentage is set by the hospital.
  • Creates goodwill between hospital and patient by removing financial barriers.

Benefits to the medical facility:

  • Special – and extensive – protection for medical facilities. Since medical files are our specialty, we provide rock solid guarantees regarding account control and HIPAA compliance.
  • The hospital receives a lump sum payment up-front, regardless of how much or how little the buyer agency collects.
  • The Purchase and Sale Agreement affirms the sale is “complete, “as is” and “without recourse”.
  • Buyers must be members in good standing of an applicable governing ethics association: ACA International or the Debt Buyers Association.
  • Medical buyers must be specialists in healthcare collections and all relevant employees must be trained in HIPAA compliance.
  • The process requires little hospital time or resources. Portfolio Assurance Group works with hospital employees to complete the process in just a few hours.
  • All Medicare, Medicaid, charity care, indigent care, deceased or bankrupt debtors are removed from the portfolio before the sale is completed.