Portfolio Assurance Group offers a unique value proposition: hospitals receive funding upfront through the sale of the servicing rights to written off (“dead”) accounts through a process that protects the hospital, its well deserved reputation and the patients it serves.

Because of the special nature of healthcare accounts, Portfolio Assurance Group requires a number of provisions that ensure the transaction is safe, smooth and secure. Our guidelines comply with the Healthcare Financial Management Association recommendations for medical accounts receivables. These provisions include:

  • Only the top firms in the nation who specialize in medical collections are allowed to participate bid on the servicing rights. These are firms who currently service accounts in hundreds of hospitals nationwide.
  • Throughout the process, Protected Health Information is never available to any entity not specifically approved by the HIPAA statutes. Our unique, proprietary transaction process ensures that there cannot be a HIPAA violation. 
  • Buyers must be licensed to practice in your state (if a license is required), be members in good standing of the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals (ACA), and will comply with all federal and state laws and regulations. 
  • Because the hospital owns the accounts, any account can be recalled by the hospital unless in active collections.
  • Buyers use “soft” collection techniques because litigation is limited to only a very small percentage of accounts (less than 10%). Even then, litigation is never in the name of the hospital.
  • Accounts that may subsequently be identified as sensitive or requiring higher levels of attention may be recalled by the medical facility.
  • All Medicare, Medicaid, charity and indigent care accounts are removed prior to the transaction.


Portfolio Assurance Group’s proprietary framework for medical institutions has been rigorously developed over six years in consultation with leading experts (including authors of official white papers on the subject) in the field of medical account collection practices. It is the only structure that incorporates all of the protections available for both hospitals and patients.