A Smarter Approach to New Hospital Funding:
Medical Accounts Receivable Cashflow (MA/RC)

  • Every medical facility, regardless of financial distress, may participate. Since no expenses or assets are needed, all facilities are eligible.
  • Cash up front for “dead” accounts. Receivables long since written off as uncollectable.
  • There is no change to your current collection process or current collection agency relationship.
  • $100,000+ for a small hospital to several million for a larger facility. All from accounts written off long ago.
  • Receive your funds in less than 60 days.
  • Our unique process requires agency buyers to compete for your portfolio of dead accounts, ensuring that you receive the most possible revenue.
  • Buyers strictly vetted – we only represent the very best buyers who specialize in medical collections.
  • Creates goodwill between hospital and patient by removing financial barriers.
  • MA/RC program completes the revenue cycle by ensuring that the collection process receives the final dollar available. Why leave money on the table?
  • See bottom line results – talk to CEOs who’ve used this program.